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Madrid Shemale Guide

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About the City

Madrid is a heart of Spain, the biggest city and also a capital city of Spain with metro area population 6.5 million habitats.

The city has an impressive cultural and architectural heritage, which includes long stretching grand avenues, buildings and monuments, plazas, and top-class art galleries and museums. Madrid is metropolitan on the one hand, and friendly and lovely on the other, offering the joy of discovery to both younger and older crowd. Here it is possible to intertwine entertainment with useful and educational. Also the city is a great option to meet transsexuals, because its one of the major hub of South Americans who come to Europe. This city has everything; transsexual parties and nightclubs, street prostitutes, sex brotherls and houses, and high class independent shemales who work online.

Streets & Red Light District

Visiting the street prostitutes is not usually the safest thing to do and also that's true in Madrid. Nowadays from the streets you don't find much quality and mostly see older transsexuals or transvestites offering very low prices. So unless you are really on very low budget, we don't recommend picking anyone up from streets. However in Madrid, there are three main areas where to find street prostitutes:

  • Calle Montera (center of Madrid)

Right at downtown of Madrid, just off from Gran Via, you will find hookers there every night, mostly females but also some transsexuals.

  • Colonia Marconi in Villaverde

An industrial area that has more transsexuals. You probably need a car to stroll around the area.

  • Chueca

LGBT area in old town filled with gay bars and sex shops. Usually you dont find trans girls working there, but you might spot few of them in bars.

Brothels and Sex Clubs

Transsexual brothels in Madrid are reasonable option to visit and not so expensive. Many places they bring all shemales in front of you one by one and you then chose one or two that you like:

Shemale Parties, Clubs & Bars


  • We Party Pride Festival (5 day gay festival BEGINNING OF JULY) - on various locations in Madrid.

Its huge festival with so many parties. You will find so many shemales there partying. If you want a piece of action, you have to party with them.

Night Clubs & Bars

Small gay bar with drags shows.

Small mixed nightclub open from Thursday to Sunday. On good nights you can see over 10 transsexuals there at least.

SATURDAYS - Big gay club on 2 floors. Open on saturdays. You will find many transsexuals there partying like crazy. You will have fun for sure.

Shemale Escort Sites

Below are listed most popular sites in Madrid where you can find high class shemale escorts:

Shemale Forums

Here are some tranny forums (Spanish language) that are popular in Madrid:

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