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Mexico City Shemale Guide

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About the city

Mexico City

Mexico City, capital of Mexico is one of the biggest cities in the world. The city is located on elevated on platoo with altitude over 2000 meters high. Mexico city has hundreds of museums and lot of touristic places and historical sites worth of visiting. Many of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico City are concentrated in the historic center.

There are plenty of transsexuals in Mexico city and they are mostly Mexicans, but there are also good number of shemale escorts visiting from other South-American countries like Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Guatemala etc. In Mexico and most of central and south America, transsexuals are called as travesti or travestis (plurar)

Streets and Red Light District

Calzada de Tlalpan

The most important shemale street life is located in Calzada de Tlalpan a viaduct that goes from the center to the south of the city, the Aztec Stadium and Tlalpan This street is also accessible by the subway (metro) that runs along the street. So it's best to give directions according to the stations. You can begin the trip at the metro station San Antonio Abad and start moving to south. Things will get better at the station Villa de Cortes and the side streets around this area, especially the street of Romero on right hand side. Move along Calzada de Tlalpan until Cumbres de Maltrata and then turn to small street on right and you will see a dark street full of trans girls. If you keep moving south then you will start to see more and more of genetic girls. There are about 20 motels throughout the street.

Calzada de Tlalpan Map

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Puente de Alvarado

About 2 blocks from the famous monument of the revolution you will find Puente de Alvarado. In the area around the following streets you will see so many sex traders, all of them transex girls. Streets between Insurgentes and Calle Guerrero you will find streets Violeta and Jesus Garcia. In the surrounding streets of Ignacio Marisca, Zaragoza, and Mina you can also find some more tgirls. In the back part of the Municpal building you can also see the hard working trans girls. Sometimes the action can go as far as the Old Buenavista Passengers train station.

Puente de Alvarado map

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Nuevo Leon and Insurgentes intersection

This intersection forms a triangle where you will find plenty of trans and by the way very happy and funny ones.

Zona Rosa

You can spot some transsexuals on Zona Rosa area, they usually are there not for work, but are hanging out with gay friends and visiting gay bars.

Tranny Bars and Nightclubs

Tranny Bars

  • Zona Rosa bars - there are many gay bars in Zona Rosa where you can find few transsexuals hanging out on weekend nights. Mostly on Calle Amberes (Amberes Street) on Lollipop, Papi Fun bar , Heaven and Hell, Bar la Noria.

Night Clubs

A gay nightclub, but shemales visit it quite often. Open on Friday and Saturday.

Tranny Parties

Electronic music party every sunday. It's not a tranny party but you will see many beautiful transsexuals there.

Dance Floor Club
Dance Floor Club

Shemale Escort Sites

Below are listed most popular sites in Mexico City where you can find transsexual escorts:

  • - There is no five star international shemale escort that is not listed in, the only worldwide escort directory has also great acceptance in Mexico and Distrito Federal (mexico city).

Shemale Events

  • Gay Pride Mexico - Gay pride is a good place where to meet transsexuals.Takes place over several days in late June. Mexico's high-altitude capital city has a huge and active gay population, although generally the gay scene is a bit more discreet than in other major North American metropolises.
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