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Cross Dresser or CD - Whilst most Transgendered groups could be considered as a form of cross dressing, within the TG community Cross Dressing is often seen as something more specific; it's when dressing is done for sexual pleasure. It often centers on wearing more intimate apparel such as lingerie or underwear, as well as fetish wear like PVC or leather. There can be a huge gulf in outlook between a Transvestite and a Cross Dresser since the Cross Dresser is motivated by sex, whilst the transvestite is motivated by the need for expression. Therefore Cross Dressers may not feel the need to look convincing or act in anyway like a female would. For some cross dressing can be part of a complex about their sexual orientation - some people cannot accept themselves to be bisexual or gay and so cross dress because the thin veil of the woman's role allows them to act out fantasies that their own mental conditioning is at odds with. It's basically like saying to yourself it's OK for me to be having sex with a man because at the moment I'm a woman. There are also cultural differences in this term. In North America, the word crossdresser can essentially be the same as transvestite; it needn't necessarily connotate for sexual purposes. However in Europe there are clear examples of this connection. For example if a celebrity or politician was found in some sex scandal where they were dressed it would be described as a "crossdressing shocker" rather than a "transvestite shocker".

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