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A transsexual is a person in which the sex-related structures of the brain that define gender identity are exactly opposite the physical sex organs of the body. Put even more simply, a transsexual is a mind that is literally, physically, trapped in a body of the opposite sex.

Pre-op transsexual

Pre-op transsexual or pre-operation refers to the fact that a transsexual has not yet had surgery to change their sexual organs from what they are presently to what they will be when they are done. Surgery costs a lot of money, and psychiatrists require a year of living as a person of the opposite sex BEFORE getting the reassignment surgery, so there is always a period of time where they are caught between worlds: male parts but female appearance or female parts and male appearance. A pre-op transsexual person is someone who hasn't undergone sexual reassignment surgery. They still have the genitals they were wrongly born with

Post-op transsexual

A Post Op Transsexual or post operation is a person who has surgically changed their gender. The phrase "Post Op" is used to show that the person has undergone physical surgery, or is Post the Operation. Generally, when a person is looking to change their gender, they are required to go through months of hormone therapy and gender reassignment therapy before the physical operation is complete.

Non-op Transsexual

Non-op TS - A transsexual who is not planning or is not able to have sexual re-assignment surgery, but may still live and work and dress in role of opposite gender.

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